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A better way to manage chronic injury

We provide fitness health services in Alexandria Virginia to help you perform better in exercise, life and sport.


We specialize in one thing- how the muscular system functions.

This isn't holistic or medicinal- it is a very straight forward and focused way to help your body heal quickly and resume or increase your activity.


If you are looking for a better way to manage chronic cycles of injury and bad exercise, don't hesitate to contact us! We offer free consultations as a way to learn about this approach and learn about you.

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  • In a private studio with individualized attention

    Impact Your Fitness is a dynamic combination of precision exercise prescription, Master level Muscle Activation Techniques™, MAT™ Rx, Movement Analysis, and Athletic Training.

  • You will feel stronger

    The strategies that get our clients better are based in thorough assessments and customized decision making for exercise prescription.


    This will allow you to quit wasting your valuable time doing what isn't right for you.  

  • Learn exercise skills that will help you manage chronic injury 

    Preventing injuries and staying in the gym for the long-game means you have to learn to feel your movement and improve your mind-muscle connections. Learning our exercise sequences and execution skills are a part of our approach - it will change the way you exercise and surely impact your fitness!


Join our online community!

The online Impact Your Fitness community has special curations of education and exercises for specific, fitness health topics and avoiding injuries. On this community, we are developing a network of people that value their exercise training and proactive care for the body.

After several years of helping people build exercise skills and fight chronic injury, we know that the majority of people fight tightness, pain, and injury cycles for years because of diluted and narrowly-focused solutions.  This changes today!  Join us!

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