Perform, heal and thrive at Impact Your Fitness with our Active Recovery treatments

  • Maximize results by enhancing the healing process

    It’s been said that working SMARTER is better than working HARDER.

    We are passionate about your body to maximize. The vast capacities of the body’s ability to adapt are waiting for you!

  • Do less and achieve more

    Just like our MAT™ treatment process teaches you to use the right muscles Active Recovery teaches your body to bounce back quicker.  Think of it as a training system for the immune system. Do less, achieve more.

  • A one stop shop for athletes to stay at the top of their game

    The hidden secret is the routine that athletes use to maximize their strength and recovery.  Imagine that you can maximize your downtime so that you bounce back stronger… and find more pleasure and power in your game!

  • Manage arthritis better

    Arthritis and related joint problems affect over 50 million American adults. The resulting pain has long been the nation’s #1 cause for disability, and is typically managed with medication and surgery.


    We can help you manage stiff, painful and immobile joints dynamically and without medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Red Light Therapy work?

Do the packages have an expiration date?

How does Red Light Therapy help joint pain?

How does this NormaTec system work?

What should I wear?

What are the recommended treatment times?

Find a package that’s right for you.

10 sessions of NormaTec compression therapy

  • 15-45 min sessions, your choice

  • Recover better throughout a season


5 sessions of Red Light Therapy

  • 15-30 min sessions, your choice

  • Expiration 5 months

  • One week of Joovv treatments are a great way to recover from illness, injury or traveling.


10 sessions of Red Light Therapy

  • 15-30 minutes, your choice!

  • Expiration 7 months

  • A perfect add-on to our most popular package.  15 min before/after is all you need!


5 sessions of NormaTec

  • 15-45 minutes, your choice!

  • Expiration 5 months

  • A perfect way to optimize your toughest training week!


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