The course that will change your exercise

Movement Pathways

a mindful exercise masterclass for

pain-free exercise

When you enroll in Movement Pathways, you’ll master four core skills:

Improving strength around old injuries

Learn to manage your trouble spots with joint specific exercises

Build resilience in your body with specific warm-ups

Resolve chronic injury by learning exercise skills that will improve all aspects of your fitness

Create a new exercise experience and address your muscle weaknesses with more clarity.

Join Jennifer Schwartz, Virginia's only Muscle Activation Techniques™ Rx and Master Level Specialist for a special masterclass on activating your muscles, mind & body for consistently good workouts. 


    This course is an exercise solution for preventing cycles of injury that wreck your progress. Having a solution for ongoing joint tightness will help you prevent these issues from compounding into chronic pain. 


    The goal of this course is to help you improve your neuromuscular function by tapping into a stronger muscle memory, which is known as increasing Meta-plasticity – a form of resilience training for injury and muscle imbalances. The exercises that you will learn are person-specific and injury-specific, and they are aimed at correcting imbalances and preparing your body for real-life balance in your movement.


    This course will also teach you about the empowering science about the brain, mind, and nervous system that will bring new purpose and energy to your workouts. In this course, you will discover findings from Stanford Medicine's Pain Lab about placebos and why we need to know more about how we can avoid pharmaceutical pain medicine.


    The human body is complex. People chase after tightness, pain, and injury cycles for years. Despite this universally understood concept, exercise and warm-ups are rarely customized to better suit a complex system facing a weak link like your old injury.

Do you want to develop a better connection with your exercise – minus the frustration of old injuries or relying on specialists or therapists

Your choice of modules designed to upgrade all aspects of your fitness!


    This mandatory lecture covers cognitive, neurological, and physiological changes that can occur in a thoughtful and effective exercise or workout. At the end of this module, you will understand why most generic fitness and injury care advice is diluted, and you will have a deeper connection to mindful movement and how to apply the scientific method of change.

  • Back, Pelvic Floor and Diaphragm Module

    Have you been diagnosed with a 'weak core' or 'inactive glutes' or feel a disconnect with exercises that work your back or core?  This module targets the root issues of back pain and movement patterns that can hurt your back.  If you don't know where to start, this might be the module for you because being strong and efficient in your core will impact all of your exercise.

  • Knee and Hip Module 

    This a module for people who can't get their running stride back, have old knee injuries, and want to do more than swim to manage their symptoms, such as:

    • Knee instability
    • Arthritis 
    • Groin Tightness
    • Hip Pinching
  • Shoulder and Neck Module

    Do you have apprehension with strengthening your upper body because of your neck?  In this module, we will instruct you on specific exercises to be able to engage in exercise safely and effectively.


    If you have old rotator cuff injuries or a tear that isn’t ready for surgery, then this module can help you, too. Most Physical Therapists overlook shoulder mechanics and give their patients very simple exercises, which are usually not enough if you are a high performer or want more out of your body. This module, on the other hand, will give you tailored exercises that will help you manage neck pain and shoulder injuries.

A muscle centric focus on your weak areas

Avoid opportunity costs in the gym or your movement by learning to utilize exercises to activate your muscles so that you can feel results while experiencing more progress and the joy that comes with it!

More than a dozen Exercise Sequences

Learn minimal equipment exercise sequences to use on your own or as a warm-up designed specifically to create a healing stimulus and joint stability.

Effective, intelligent, joint-healthy exercises

Online exercise


Instruction with visual reference videos showing exactly how to perform each exercise.

Online Masterclass

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