Be Your Own Exercise Guru

It’s time for motivated exercisers to gain more freedom and strength

without having to rely on trainers or YouTube videos

Eager to customize your workout and finally learn what actually works? 


Get off the treadmill and exercise like an elite trainer

If the workout plans you’ve been on actually worked for you, you wouldn’t be here. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s true...I believe you landed here for a reason, because you are ready for more.

I know how it feels to subconsciously seek for more try and “fix” every little thing about your workout… or worse, start a new one that’s not right for you and end up injuring yourself.
Take a deep breath, because nothing is wrong with you.

The fitness industry is incredibly lucrative and largely unregulated... meaning you are a product to most of them, not a sovereign, independent athlete with goals and your own opinions.

If your workout routine feels like sticking a square peg in a round hole, I have the solution.


Instead of giving you a template, a formula or a bunch of empty promises, you’ll receive something even better;
Your autonomy and freedom.


Customize exercise for YOU

Our goal is to empower you with educated information that  you can apply immediately so that you can be in control of your exercise and create the best experience for your body and help you move beyond old injuries, and tightness.

Stop relying on complete strangers for exercise advice

This program will take you through different parts of the anatomy of an exercise. It will teach you exactly where you could be weak and where you could be strong, then give you tactics and the confidence to go in there and change it on your own.

Empower your body, don't beat it up!

Exercise can be a mirror for showing us our power, self-worth and that we can feel wholeness in our body.  


The journey from scrolling, wishing and hoping, to fully being your own empowered guru is to be in the simplicity of believing in your body and understanding the science behind it. 

Frequently asked questions

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I’m a beginner to exercise, can I use this information?

I have a lower back problem and the doctor wants me to exercise but I’m not sure the exercises they gave me are challenging enough.  Will this course help me?

I’m a personal trainer, will this benefit my clients?

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